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Dental School

Only seven months of my fourth and final year of dental school remain! It seems like just yesterday I was beginning, and today the end is nearly in site. I’m working hard to complete my competencies, and learn as much as I can from every patient in preparation for fulfilling my dream of becoming a dentist! I truly cannot wait.


My wife and I celebrated our seventh anniversary this past June. She recently passed both the South Carolina and North Carolina bar exams to add to her Florida license, and she started a legal job with a local firm here in Erie, PA.

FL to PA

This past May we made the long trek, trailer with everything we own in tow, from St Pete, FL, to Erie, PA. We made it safely, got settled in quickly, and have enjoyed exploring the area this past summer and fall. Its close proximity to NY, Ontario and Cleveland make it an ideal location for exploring.


We’ve been enjoying Elevate Erie church. They have a great heart for the city of Erie, and it’s been fun being a part of their community. We are looking forward to serving the greater Erie area alongside them and continuing to challenge our faith as we trust God to continually guide us.


Saving the world, one smile at a time
I find great joy in restoring smiles, in accentuating beauty, and creating a product that changes the way people feel about themselves.

I was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. My parents, who are both dentists, instilled within me many of the values I still hold tightly to today. They taught me the importance of being a man who worked hard to support his family. They taught me to make bold decisions and act in accordance to what is right and true and to always treat people with compassion and respect. Along with being great parents, they were well respected dentists in our community. Their example of how to treat people and the worth they placed on the quality of care they provided proved to be a foundation for my own self as a dental student and future dentist. I am forever grateful for their love and direction, and it is with great pride that I get to follow in their footsteps.

After high school, I moved from Indiana to the mountains of North Carolina where I attended Appalachian State University, majoring in biological sciences. I fell in love with the mountains and the pristine beauty of Western North Carolina during my four years there, and I was also fortunate enough to meet and fall in love with my beautiful wife-to-be during my senior year. Upon graduation, I took advantage of a bio medicine program offered at Purdue University in Indianapolis and enrolled the very next semester. After I finished my masters there, and Quinn finished her undergrad studies at App State, we married on a mountain top just outside of Boone. From there we moved to Indiana where she attended law school at Indiana University and I did research in oral health and medicine. After several years of research and much prayer and contemplation, I decided to apply for dental school. I was accepted to the inaugural class of LECOM School of Dental Medicine in Sarasota, Florida, and I will be completing my doctorate of medical dentistry in May of 2016 after finishing my final clinical year in Erie, Pennsylvania.

After dental school, we are moving back to the mountains of North Carolina, with plans to settle in the Hendersonville/Asheville area. We have loved the different places we've lived over the years, but there's just something extra special about the Appalachians that draws us back.

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    Running & Cycling

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    Being Sous Chef to my wife

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    Problem Solving Under Pressure


The home team
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quinn ladd

My best friend and wife. Running and cycling partner. Graduate of Appalachian State University and Indiana University School of Law.
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Parke Ladd

Future Dentist
Graduate of Appalachian State University and 4th Year Dental student at LECOM School of Dental Medicine.


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